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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Better Red than Blue Balls

After a couple season hiatus, including a season where we were merged
with another team, Better Red than Blue Balls is back for another
go-around – this season featuring plenty of new and unproven talent.

Last week we played the Wolverines, a brand-new Capital team that is
apparently only composed of Michigan alumni. Fortunately for us, they
have continued a long-standing Michigan tradition: losing.

We kept it close for a bit before busting the game open with a
seven-run third inning. Never ones to make it easy on ourselves, the
Wolverines clawed back and had us against the ropes with the bases
loaded in the top of the fifth, but we were able to close out after
only sacrificing one run. Definitely an exciting end, with the good
guys coming out on top (much like in the South Carolina bowl game).

For a team not necessarily known for their offensive prowess, it
was nice to be able to get 8 runs on the board. If we can continue
that success and tweak some of our defensive schemes, we might end up
being a team that surprises people this season.

This week we play the team formerly known as Slampieces, Smokeshows
and Bros, who should serve as a good test in evaluating where we stand
in the league: a close game should prove that we are headed in the
right direction.

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