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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Walk of Shame

Last Thursday's game against Relax...hold up, ENCROACHMENT AGAIN? Ok well anyways, we were playing really well and...ENCROACHMENT!!!! Ah hell. Like I was saying though, the 2-0 defeat was a bitter pill to swallow, but the admirable effort showed where the Walks stand in this leag---ENCROACHMENT!!! Dammit.

Super. Well now that the ref has quit mid-GMoT, I can continue. So a first inning run gave Relax a boost of confidence, but their offense was completely shutdown following that...until ENCROACHMENT!!! Yeah. That was the other run. Walks had some base runners, a few chances to score and ended up with Jay owing Alex two shots following the game for betting against the Walks offense (never a wise choice). Tough break to end the game as Tanker was a step too slow to beat a throw home that would've brought it to 2-1 with Bruce on 2nd, but the point was made. Playing without about 9 players, the Walks came thisclose to victory (or at least a tie) against the the best the league has to offer.

This week: Candy Van. Hopefully we have enough globetrotters to play. Got one coming back from Germany and one from Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy and about 12 other countries. Candy Van is praying for late arrivals/no shows because they know what's coming for them. 

Watch out, Live. Walks are on a mission for ring No. 2.

See you Thursday,

P.S., just some advice for all the pitchers in the league: DON'T encroach. It's strictly enforced.
P.S.S. Lundy/Val/Tom are going down. And since you like to wear the apparel from the opposing captain's alma mater, I just want you to know that Huston-Tillotson's rival is Wiley College. Our gut is telling us they probably don't have a bookstore, and certainly not one online. 

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