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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grupo Dangeroso

Grupo - we CAN do more than drink!

Well, our team motto used to be "Winless in kickball, undefeated in life" but that's going to have to change because we finally got our first win! We decided long ago that there weren't nearly enough theme days in this league, so we took it upon ourselves to change that...even if no one else does. This week was Pirates, so armed with eye patches, swords, and most importantly, rum, we got a 7-4 victory, and it was against a Capital Team! We'd like to dedicate our win to the power poll writer(s) for deservedly keeping us out of last place this season and also fueling our competitive fire with all of your non-believer talk - we hope we did you proud this week (also, we think this calls for a move up the ladder)!

We're now on a quest to start a winning streak, and we invite you to come out and cheer, sing, heckle the other team, drink in our dugout, volunteer to take our weekly group pic, send good vibes our way, or just come hang out - seriously, we dare you not to like us! Also, this is for Eric, our team DJ - Don't Stop Believin'...WE DIDN'T!

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