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Monday, July 18, 2011

Varsity Brews

Well, what can we say, but man that was an awesome win.  We finished the game 13-3.  The bachelor/bachelorette party was a huge success, even if we didn’t have any strippers out there.  However, we did have plenty of boob and penis themed decorations and food.  The boob cupcakes were a success and any that our team didn’t finish players from other teams were more than willing to help out.  The penis cake sure did look like he could use a towel, which is maybe why no guy would have a slice of it, even though once you cut the slice, it just looked like regular cake, not a giant penis.

So we have co-MVPs for this game.  Ashley definitely had her greatest kickball game to date.  She made some key plays out there in the field, and made it to base every time she was up to bat.  Chris “The Bachelor” kicked his first every kickball home run.  Next time we see him, he’ll be a married man.  Chris, don’t spend all your energy on the honeymoon, we need you to have enough left over for some more home runs when you get back.  Matt “plays always at first” Russo got some big RBIs to help with our domination over Capital.

To the guys who make the standings.  While we’re super happy to be back on the list (as we should be with a 13-3 win against a Capital Team) our point was simply that GIRLS CAN CATCH THE BALL.  In last week’s standing you implied that the only team in Live that had a girl that could catch was Booze on the Green and that even they just had the one girl that could actually catch.  Our point is you simply may want to open your eyes a bit.  There are plenty of girls out there each and every week who can catch a friggin ball.  Turns out they are normally caught with two arms and zero penis. I know, shocking.  I have yet to see even a dude out there grab a fly ball with his scholong.

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