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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Varsity Brews

Well, the most important thing to say is that we will be hosting a Wakalicious Bachelor/Bachelorette party on Field 2 at 6:15. There will be penis paraphernalia, boob paraphernalia, and hopefully some Waka players getting into the spirit and stripping for our Bachelor and Bachelorette.  If you are short on some cash, and don't mind singles, come on by and "say hi" to our soon to be betrothed couple (aka give them a show!).  It is their very last game before they tie the knot. Oh, and Off in Left Field - anyone who throws out a bride on her Waka Bachelorette party is officially an a-hole. I'm just sayin'.
MVP of last week's game most definitely went to Ricara "holy cow did that just happen" P.  She caught a deep right ball and made it look like a toddler tossed it to her.  Well done lady.  Emily "the author of Varsity Brews GMOT entries so it's hard to write about how awesome I am because I want to pretend to be humble" H. kicked an in the park home run.  I don't care if the home run was due to a combination of base coach error and fielder error, I still kicked a home run.  Too bad I was so busy celebrating just getting to home base that it took one of my team mates pointing it out to realize that I had been the one to kick myself home.  Fair warning, I will probably talk about my moment of glory (aka a home run) for the rest of my kickball career.  I'm that guy.


  1. Unfortunately, Nate Fox will be tied up at field #1 at that time, so you won't be able to feature one of Austin's top 10 most eligible bachelors.

  2. Tied up? I like the sound of that Stephen!!