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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The cheers needed no translator,
The thrill of victory couldn't be greater.
     After a hard fought bout,
     Kelly 2 caught the final out,
And we didn't fall like that bitch Bradley Slater.

The game was kickball, field three was the place.
Memories of the win, we would always embrace,
     But like an undying ember,
     We will always remember,
The time Bradley Slater fell flat on his face.

We showed up to booze and kick some balls,
Not much offense, but defense like a wall.
      From Amog's mind we rose,
      But everybody knows,
Knox is the best captain and GMOT author of all.

We swarm the field like a drunk horde,
A few runs here and there we have scored.
     But something isn't right,
     We lack a bit of fight,
Because we are without a team mom and clipboard.

There was once a team from "Town Lake,"
Opposing team morale they often shake.
     But their one fatal flaw,
     Was their inclination to jaw,
And now jokes about rape we can't make.

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