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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Ok folks. The blog is officially out of control. Look, I like to have fun just like the rest of you. In fact, MORE than most of you. However, I am 28 years old (ouch!) and most of you are somewhat near my age. It is RIDICULOUSLY inappropriate to be writing any word that your mom would wash your mouth out with soap for at the age of 5. This blog is PUBLIC. Aka, anyone could potentially find it and see what you wrote. (ex: your boss, your mom, your future wife, etc) Any body parts, any cuss words, much less seriously talking smack about fellow kickballers is NOT allowed. Obviously making fun of Dre in good fun is allowed but let's be real here folks.

Most of us have real jobs and are "grown ups." Please start to act like one or your blog posts will be removed.


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