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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just Kickin It

Figured it was about time Just Kickin It put out a GMOT, especially since I had to hear that there is no way we will beat Hanna Montana XXX Tape last night at the bar crawl. We’ve been flying under the radar all season, maybe because we are a kinda new team or we apparently have not had the most stellar schedule, but week in and week out Just Kickin It puts out a strong effort in the field with stifling defense and along the way scrounge up enough offense to put up the W. Were aware were in for quite the game this week and are the underdogs to the more established Hanna Montana’s but something tells me Hanna Montana will be the Oklahoma to our Boise State, Apollo Creed to our Rocky Balboa, The 1980 Soviet Olympic Hockey Team to our 1980 Olympic US Hockey team, Michigan to our Appalachian State…. Umm im out of examples. Ill just end this entry with some inspiring words from Brian Dawkins.


“They think that 6 weeks of dominant kickball aint who we is… Take IT!”

And if you still don’t know who we are this is us.

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