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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Better Red than Blue Balls

A tie against a solid Capital team (Bachelors) followed by a bye week
means we haven't lost in two full weeks. This whole not losing thing
is a bit weird.

During a miraculous 5th inning rally against the Bachelors, a teammate
asked if "I smelled that." It smelled of sweat and LoneStar. This was,
apparently, the scent of "comeback." I always figured comeback would
smell of Lavender & Vanilla. I am kind of disappointed. I only hope
that winning smells like a Country Meadow or Jasmine & White Rose.

During our bye week, the two other winless Capital teams decided to
step their game up and pull ahead of us in the standings. That's cool;
we'll save the winning for playoffs... I hope.

This week we play Hannah Montana's XXX tape. We plan on making a
sequel on the field tonight, only to a jury of our peers, it'll
probably only be referred to as "Exhibit A." All we're saying is that
we'll be these sensual fellows in the video; Hannah will be our

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