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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sons of Pitches

For some reason the Red Better than Blue Balls thought they could take their frustrations out on us this week. Now we may not be mentioned in the "power polls" but those who know Sons of Pitches will tell you we are not a team to take lightly. Yes we drink a little, yes we can be loud, and yes we even heckle our own team members but we come to kickball every Thursday to have fun and play a little kickball. With that being said we do try to play the best our inebriated bodies will allow and on many occasions we do succeed and last night was one of those sweet victories. As for the prediction from the press release that Red Balls would conquer us... well we proved that one wrong didn't we :)
To be fair it was a well played game that could have gone either way but our defense held back possible runs with quick throws and well caught balls. We reorganized our players this week and had amazing results. Our pitching and catching were spot on and will only improve from here out. Our infield players held it down with amazing back up support from our outfielders. We were losing in the beginning of the game 1-0 but we not only had good defense but had good offense as well. In one amazing inning we were able to get home a married couple (with awesome socks) and a newbie (very valuable one). We did allow one more run in by Red Balls at the bottom of the last inning but held on to win with our awesome defense. The Red Balls were a good team and we had fun playing them. But a word of the wise, don't judge a team just because they are not mentioned because we are The Sons of Pitches and we just made you our B*tches :)

P.S.- "red balls" you weren't mentioned in the polls either

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