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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Walk of Shame

What a week. 

Up 4-0 with three outs to go and the Walks decided to turn into total and complete nuclear meltdown mode. WTF was that all about? It was all smooth sailing until one out in the 5th inning. Three hundred sixteen errors later, we clung to a one-run lead and two players were in the hospital. For those who didn't see, the collision came on a bunt to first with JB on base...the out was made at first and in came the throw home to try and end the game, but BAM! JB runs straight through our battered and bruised catcher's head (a slide/duck/ side step/jump/dive/spin move/R1 button/anything else might be advised next time?). At least Rich can always say, "Yeah I got staples89 in my head, but you should see the other guy!" Following the play, chaos ensued. There was blood, guts and brain spilling out all over home plate, both girls and guys ripping their shirts off and general lawlessness all around Field 1. I'm pretty sure Rocky Balboa's cut man was even there tending to the bloody eye.

Anyways, after things settled down, the Walks closed it out and stayed on top of the world. I have no memory of what happened before the blood started pouring, so props to all Walks who did something good. Shame on those who didn't (pun intended). 

One down, three to go. 

Up next, the game of the year against the Teabaggers. The rivalry ended up with a total score of 1-1 last year in two games, but this year is different. The Walks are simply superior. In every position. In every way. The game is so huge, Gus Johnson is coming down for the play-by-play and Dicky V and Digger Phelps are on the color commentary. Tune in to the Ocho for complete coverage starting at 8:30 p.m. CST.

See you Thursday.

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