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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Grupo Strikes Back!

So no hard feelings or anything, but since we are getting poked fun of, we will definitely be poking back......and not in a good way, muhahahaha!  So it was written in the power poll for the awful waffles:

"The Grup" has not shown much of anything this season, other than they can drink, enjoy your victory.  What about our team spirit? Our friendly attitudes, and willingness to put out...........amazing pre-game dance moves?  Don't be jealous that we are having more fun than any other team here!  Everyone wishes their team was as good looking and full of awesome people like ours!  What is this league really about? I thought it was about drinking, partying, drinking, making new friends.......drinking.  Oh yeah, and kickball!  
To sum up this rant, our team can kick your teams ass!!  Maybe not in kickball, or in wrestling, or underwater basketweaving, but definitely in drinking, dancing and having a kickass super awesome time!

Be afraid awful waffles!

P.s.  this is from Grupo Dangeroso.....and seriously no hard feelings. :)  love y'all!

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