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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PurpleSaurus Rex

A Brand New Day dawns on the scorched and battered fields of Gillis Park, and ye shall all bear witness to the glorious rebirth what has always been Austin WAKA's greatest collection of talent, wit, and moxie.  PurpleSaurus Rex, formerly known as Nate Fox and the Less Eligible Bachelors, formerly known as Untitled Kickball Project, formerly known as CTRL + ALT + ELITE, formerly of ASSC Kickball has been brought forth into the world with a new, giant-sized, 23-man roster look.

After our failed experiment trying to turn a group made up almost entirely of ex collegiate rowers into a team with the hand-eye coordination to competently play kickball or the reliability to field an 11 man roster each week, a new recruiting strategy was devised.  

"What if," some forward-thinking individual queried, "we just invited a ton of people, got Awesome every week and laid our enemies low with an unrelenting onslaught of fun?"
"Brilliant!" said I, "We shall call ourselves PurpleSaurus Rex, and there shall be copious amounts of Kool Aid for adult consumption at every game."
"But wait," cried some naysaying Mer-man, "Doesn't having a bunch of people on the team mean I won't personally get to play as much and that's all I care about because I'm a fun-sponging Redskins fan?"
"Silence, knave!" replied the collective, and PurpleSaurus Rex was born.

This season, our five gallon kooler will always be avilable to fill the kups of any who wish to partake in the sweet nektar of the gods that is 7% ABV Kool Aid.  Week one will feature our namesake (and the greatest Kool Aid flavor EVAR), PurpleSaurus Rex.  Subsequent flavors will be either based on the team kolor of that week's opponent, or by direkt request here on the GMOT.

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