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Friday, September 16, 2011

PurpleSaurus Rex

The intrepid members of PurpleSaurus made it through the quagmire of ACL traffic and arrived at Gillis just in time to get prehysterically purple on the Power Bottoms and deliver a 5-2 beat down. I had sort of forgotten what winning was like, it's way fun!

Artist's rendering of the victorious therapod:

Things we learned this week:
  • 7% ABV on the PurpleSaurus Punch might have been a little over ambitious based on my severely diminished cognitive abilities from 7 PM  onward and the headaches everyone is texting me about. Owwww.
  • 6:15 games still suck.
  • Val and Tom are awesome, thanks for reffing!
  • Newbies Dustin, Bobby, Janelle, Kim, Elizabeth and Jennifer are all stone cold badasses.  You guys were fantastic in your WAKA debut. Next week I may even remember to explain the rules to you.
  • I need to come up with derogatory nicknames for Dustin, Bobby, Janelle, Kim, Elizabeth and Jennifer.
  • Conventional gender biases are totally bogus.  Our best offensive output came with the ladies got up to kick.
  • PurpleSaurus is the best Saurus.

Next week we line up against the newly-formed Robotkicks. In honor of our second hapless victim's team color (yellow) the PurpleSaurus Punch flavor of the week will be LEMONADE and as always, we'll need your help knocking back those 5 gallons of sweet sweet nectar.

A quick preview of how PurpleSaurus vs Robotkicks will go down:

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go put my jorts on and do that whole "Austin City Limits" thing I hear is happening down at Zilker this weekend.

Eternally Yours,

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