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Friday, September 16, 2011

Relax and Let it Happen

At first it was fun. It didn't come as a surprise, but beating Joey's team with ease and grace brought smiles to all of our faces. Through teamwork, superior athletes, and overall knowledge of the game, we were proving to Joey that kickball is indeed a team sport, and that no single man can win a game on his own. His loudness, jokes that are usually only funny to himself, and 3rd grade level taunting didn't faze us, because we were all used to it. We know a lot of them. Some of them are good athletes, but they weren't ready to play against a team like us. Which brings me to my next point....

All of a sudden, the happiness turned to sadness.  Everyone on our team couldn't help but notice the look on his teammate's faces. Shell shocked. Confused. Scared. Why would Joey put these people in the middle of his weird experiment? Why would Joey lead these people into believing they had even the smallest chance to win vs. one of the highest ranked teams in the nation? And then it hit us ... the only D Bag on the team was Joey. The rest of them (other than Hunter) were nice/fun people who just wanted to try something new. They weren't ready for Jay's pitching, Clay's kicking, or Ty's classy play at 1st. They weren't ready for bunting, charging, or chasing down perfectly placed kicks by me (JG). 

To make matters worse, Joey walked off the field after getting shut out and proudly proclaimed, "That's the last time ya'll beat us!" It was a sad moment. Did he believe it or was he trying to make himself believe it?  Was he trying to pick up the moral of his team? The looks on his teammates faces were priceless. Why did they sign up to be apart of Joey's quest to prove that he is the mightiest kickballer ever?

Shout out to Dodd and Ashley for joining the team and to Nicole for gracing us with her fake boobs and genuine smile. 
Now for phase 2 of kickball, the bar games. We were greeted at the door with a gift card for winning last seasons bar game championship and in true Relax fashion we weren't satisfied with the past. We came out and dominated at the bar games like we always do (we were winning before I had to leave to make curfew). I had to stick my face in between Jay's legs to pop a balloon but since that's one of his biggest fetishes we were both really good at it. Next week we play... who cares and we'll probably beat them by a lot. 

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