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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Awful Waffles

Hi GMOT.  First time writer but long time reader.  We are the awful waffles, previously of Capital but now ready to party it up Live style.  After a decidedly average three season stint in Capital and the loss of many good kickers to a variety of reasons (stupid Boston taking away all our players) we've landed in live and trying to have a little bit more fun this season. You might have seen us last week on the basketball courts doing an emergency tye dye session for shirts and socks

and then caught us beating Kicks Like Jesus (they don't, Jesus was really phenomenal at kickball).  But probably not because our game lasted until 1030 pm.  Either way you'll be seeing more of us this season.
Unfortunately, WAKA doesn't appear to want to see much of us at the fields since they gave us a bye during saved by the bell week and then no games the week after.  But whatever, you'll find us still at third base ready to rage.  
I could give a line-up run down but that just seems trite at this point.  We'll just let our kicking feet and drinking arms speak for themselves.

Sincerely yours,
awful waffles

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