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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sit On My Base

Alright, here is our attempt to recap last week’s game against Team Easier.  The problem is, our team’s theme was ‘blackout rave’ ...hence the reason our memories are like inverted Swiss cheese.  

Just before the game began, Butts, Four and Sack rolled in with a cooler so big an Eskimo could live inside.  Thanks to Four, this KingKong cooler was filled to the brim with golden goodness and peppered with various flavors of FourLoko (a SOMB tradition & partial cause of the memory lapse).  With her clipboard and whistle, Captain Casey shepherded our band of misfit morons as we engaged in glowstick acquisitions of epic proportions.

From the beginning the outlook was bleak for Team Easier as SOMB roared through the bases, scoring an unanswered 6 runs in the 1st inning.  Lawyer Leak rocked the mound like the rubberman Roy Munson and Wildman Donny yelled gibberish explicative’s as if he were Animal from the Muppets.  The terrifying trio at 1st, home, and the mound, engaged in a marvelous ballet of "retrieve the bunt and knock a fool out,” with a little help from the Aussie on 3rd.

The Grim Reaper made a showing at the end of game to root for the black team because he considers that Pepto Bismol pink team a joke.  Turns out he was right; SOMB won 6-0!!!  MVP goes to Cranchdressing who cherry picked a pop fly right out of the sky like old school Rodman on the rebound.  

Bring it on; we are ready to kick some more balls. Not sure who tomorrow’s game is against, doesn’t matter... we won’t remember them and they won’t be in the championship anyway.  #SOMBblackout

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