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Monday, September 26, 2011

Candy Van

Well, it looks like Candy Van was comin' in too hot, because we don't have another kickball game until October 13. Since I'm pretty good at telling the future, I have a few guesses of some events that will transpire in the next few weeks:

- Captain DBAG will marry a stripper he met in Vegas.
- Captain VAG will go for her first post-MCL sprain run. (No really, it's exciting, guys!)
- Chapa will return from Mexico.
- Matty A will return from China with new tiny clothing items to wear to kickball.
- We'll finally come up with a nickname for Telina.
- MmmReilly will continue being hot.
- Dog Owner Ryan H. will get kicked out of Third Base at some point.
- Nat Attack will point and laugh at Valerie as she drunkenly fan-girls all over Sims and tries to tell him about her "bad ass" rap persona, Vuhjyna.
- This will happen again at least twice:

Just picture THAT playing you in kickball. Or in the Candy Van. Whichever. Happy bye week, kickballllaaaas!

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