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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nate Fox and the Less Eligible Bachelors

It was an inglorious end to a season of unfulfilled potential and unmitigated disappointment, all summed up in one inning of play. Short version - we played great defense all game and scored a couple of manufactured runs, then gave up 5 or 6 in the bottom of the last inning to lose the game.

Perhaps the whole experience is best summed up via audio:

That all being said, Suck My Kick is a great team. Special kudos to 3rd baseman with the arm bands: we gave you immeasurable amounts of shit and you were cool the whole game.

Moving on, I discovered last week that during 1995-1997 I unknowingly shared a zip code with our intrepid Live rep Megan Lundquist. We swapped stories and reminisced about the glory days back at Dwight D Eisenhower Middle School in San Antonio as members of the fightin' generals volleyball and football teams, partying hard at Laser Quest and kicking back with oreo shakes at EZ's. She also complained at length about her awkwardness and goofy-looking-ness as a middle schooler, which got me thinking. Didn't we get yearbooks? And don't I still have them? Shouldn't the world get to see this? Unfortunately Megan is old balls and was a grade ahead of me so I only have two pictures, but here's 7th grade Lundy:

Hey, nothing bad there right? Cute kid. Let's see how 8th grade turned out.

Uh oh! Looks like someone asked the stylist for "The Rachel" and it didn't work out so great. She mentioned a boy broke up with her because of this haircut ... can't say I blame him.

Now, in all fairness I can't put up pictures of Megan and no pictures of myself. 6th and 7th grade weren't very exciting, just your average kid. Luckily though I hit my stride in 8th grade with the braces, the horrible acne, and the glorious middle part. BEHOLD!

Alright ladies, settle down. Stop making out with the computer screen. See y'all at the All-Star game!

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