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Monday, August 8, 2011

Nate Fox and the Less Eligible Bachelors

In a fiery show of blazing mediocrity and awe-inspring "meh"-ness the Bachelors surged heroically in the bottom of the 4th for 3 runs to secure a ... tie.  A disappointing outcome to be sure, but finishing a game strong after a weak start for a tie feels a lot better than blowing a 3 run lead late for a tie (we did it in week 5 against Better Red, it's lame).

After seeing what looked like a horrificly blown out knee in the 7:15 game on field #2 and then completely destroying my own ankle in the process of bending the Matrix to dodge a throw at home, I am convinced that we need to have an 'Injury Report' column.  Our submission for the week is as follows:

Sterling Shrader, OF - OUT (Knee)
Stephen Moursund, SS - OUT (Ankle)
Dan Hayes, OF - QUESTIONABLE (Flake)
Nate Fox, P - PROBABLE (Mer-man)

Ankle in question: 

Apparently the women on our team are a fair shake more durable than the men, who knew? 

The last game of the season has snuck up on us and with the post season looming we suddenly have a controversy over which of the absurdly talented players on our team deserves the All-Star nod.  Consensus pick from the ladies' side is speedster Falesha Thrash, but the men's selection is hotly debated.  The obvious choice during the first half of the season was Todd Mattocks with his consistency as the lead off, aggressive base running that generates runs out of nothing, and stellar play behind the plate.  However, center fielder Ryan Ebanks has been huge over the last several weeks, highlighted by a marquee performance this past Thursday in which he went two for two with an RBI and two scores (including the game-tying run) while continuing to absolutely abuse his body making spectacular diving catches in the outfield.  Ultimately it may have to be settled in The Octagon.

Happy trails to Andre-lover Lindsay Kahn who will be leaving us this weekend in a permanent move to Oklahoma City.  You are awesome and everyone will miss you!  If you spot her Thursday be sure to wish her luck at the new job and give her an inappropriately long hug.

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