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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Team Easy!

Drinking, kissing, crying, punching.  Team Easy planned to finish their regular season with a bang bang bang ... mission accomplished.  After discovering the perfectly dangerous PPD juice formula, we tail-gated a Gillis for a few hours and then left quite a few cars behind as we drunkenly caught rides with other, more sober teams to Third Base.  At this point I had to look back through my camera to remember all that happened.  From the looks of it, we danced on the stripper (light) pole, gave out lap dances, got down to our pink briefs and played the balls-in-cup game to very little success.

Our mission to get kicked out of Third Base has seemingly backfired on us as the bartenders appeared to love and encourage us with more shots as the night went on.  I mean, we were down to our sports bras and pink briefs.  I didn’t think it was going to come to this but it might come to drastic measures if we’re going to get kicked out of that place.

This week, you’ll have to find some other form of entertainment as we have a bi for the last week of the season.  Though many of us started our bi-week early last Thursday, you’ll likely catch some of us on our worst behavior at Third Base and definitely on Friday at the EOS party.  If you see someone in a pink shirt boring it up (instead of whoring it up), be sure to slap their ass.  Just watch out for the spin-around punch that might come at you afterwards . . .

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