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Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm taking a sabbatical from the GMOT because of the voluminous amount of restrictions now in place, and passing the buck onto our newest writer who wants to be known only as "Luna." Here is "Luna's" first GMOT attempt:

OMGZORS! We got totally drunk at r last game and had SO MUCH FUUUUUN. TEAM KICKITS YEA! Then, we went 2 the bar and had SO MUCH FUUUUUN! LOLLERCOPTERS were flying around the whole place, and we drank SOOOOOOOO much vodka! I went up 2 some dude I didn't know and said his friend was a jerk and asked if that meant he was 2. It was cooler then Marty McFly! I'm such a bitch! LOL! I don't remember if we won r game, but we def won DRINKING!!! LOL!!! OMG I was SOOOO drunk and I took SOOOO many pictures! OMFG I can't wait until our next game! Slater said he was making green drunk punch and we're gonna get SOOOO drunk off it that we'll b all-starz! See u at the field! OMG!

Hear is a pick of Amog excepting his Weiner Award last week! It was cool that the league printed up an award 4 him!

-luna <3

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