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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Grupo Dangeroso

Hey kickball playas: Word on the street is that Grupo Dangeroso is packing heat this week--literally. After not-winning our last game two weeks ago (we prefer that term to "losing") and a bye week last week, Team GP is coming back hard this Thursday with--drumroll please--our gansta theme! True, half of our players are going the speak-easy mobster route, and half are rocking the ghetto fabulous look, but we all share the same underlying and intimidating idea: win, baby, win. This week we're playing Suck My Kick (classy) and I happen to have inside information that despite our less than stellar rankings, SMK is in for a pretty tough fight. After all, when you strap on (fake) AK-47s to Fetus and Jamal, you're in for a world of hurt. And we've got comradery  on our side as well! Most of our teammates started out as strangers, but it didn't take long (or much alcohol) before we all had nicknames and life-long texting buddies. Our group has already signed up for the fall Texas Live league and something tells me the good times will continue to roll...just like that kickball that will be rolling past Suck My Kick strike after strike after strike. Grupo out!!!

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