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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Liars of Shame

Despite the bye week, the Walks still won 13-6 this week (the 6 instead of 0 this week cause Tanker is gone). That ups their record to 13-0 for the season and 68-2 overall as a franchise. Next up is win #69 against another on the long list of teams that is far inferior to the Walks talents, which they will be taking not to South Beach, but Gillis. Now that the gauntlet has been run, it's back to the normal schedule and a breeze run through the last month of the season. It's starting to look like an early Christmas for Live as the Walks seem to have about 3 players scheduled to make it to the playoffs, but I'm still thinking the 3 will bring a championship back to its rightful owners (hint: it is not Luis).

See you all this Thursday.

With love,

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