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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Team Easy!

Well we did it again. Last week we took it to a whole new level of easy/rowdy/crazy/probably-going-to-regret-this-tomorrow-morning. I blame extra strong and tasty PPD, jello shots, and beer that was free-flowing on the field all evening long. Whatever it was it made for some rowdiness that I scantly remember come Third Base time. Will it happen again this week … mmmmaybe?
Beyond Thursday night I heard reports of our Easies partying so hard over the weekend they passed out at the pool and in the car (2 separate people and occurrences). Makes me proud. Like a father watching his kid hit his first home run in t-ball. I think that means I should never have kids, amongst other reasons.
Tonight, we take on KickInABox. Since I believe almost none of our guys are showing up tonight, we’ll have to return the favor with BoxInABox. You’re welcome.
Also, next week, stay tuned for the most epic week of the season: The PINK OFF!! Candy Van takes on Team Easy in a battle royale of who can out- easy/pink/drink/dance each other. Combine that with Disney week and you have a recipe for not getting any work done Friday.

-chief man whore

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