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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kicks Like Jesus

Sadly, today is one of the dreaded bye weeks for Kicks Like Jesus. For our day off, we were planning to relax, play some Flong, make an appearance at 3rd Base and/or Egos, and do all the other things that
beautiful people do. We had no intentions of writing anything for the GMOT… until we read the entry from
Kick in a Box this afternoon.

First of all, we were not celebrating the tie after the lights went out. We were celebrating our general
superiority over your team in the categories of attractiveness, drinking ability, and, most importantly, not
being douchy and taking kickball waaaay too seriously. And we were also celebrating ending the game
on a high note. In case you forgot, with 2 outs, we through a friggin laser to drill that cheeky, ballsy traitor
Kyle Trzazlikilkilkilski (jk we still love you Kyle) trying to steal home inches before he touched home plate
to keep the game tied instead of losing. 

We definitely did not want the game to get cut short bc the lights turned off. Speaking of which, why did
the lights get turned off after only the 3rd inning??? OHHHH yeaaaa. That’s right. Your team wasted 10
minutes of game time bitching and moaning to the refs about an out/safe call at 2nd base.


If that wasn’t enough, we were rudely interrupted during our bar game at 3rd Base because someone
from KIAB wanted to continue discussing how bad the refs were. Sources tell me that some members of
Kick in a Box are still whining about the refs today, a full WEEK later.


That is all for now. We cannot wait for the inevitable rematch during the playoffs. Until then, try to relax
out there, KIAB. You look like a bunch of ex-high school heroes trying to recapture the glory days. It’s just
a game. A kickball game.


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