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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Unfortunately, last week's game against KLJ ended in a tie as a result of far too many...

KLJ celebrated SO much after the tie was announced you would have thought they just won a unicorn that throws up rainbows and braids their hair.

Let me clarify for you guys; it was a tie. That means you did. not. win. I think your enthusiasm was expressed from relief. Relief that you didn't have to endure a full 5 inning beat down which most certainly would have ensued. Guess we'll just have to save that for playoffs.

So there's not much I can say about our opponents this week. The whole team is fun, lovable and true to their name in every possible sense. Team Easy, we don't fear getting wet, we embrace it. In fact, we've got a little present for you.

Enjoy opening the box, you won't be disappointed.




  1. To be clear, YES Laramie sent me this email in comic sans.

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