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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kick in a Box


This GMOT will be a bit more personal than your normal entry and I apologize to KickInABox for
not celebrating our 5-1 win last week and being undefeated as much as I should but this week’s game is
personal and I feel the rest of WAKA should know about it.

I now understand the plight of Adam Banks in the first Mighty Ducks. Adam Banks, the captain
of the Hawks was a Hawk through and through; all his little friends were Hawks. A cruel twist of fate,
the district lines being redrawn, sent Adam Banks to the Ducks where with the quiet dignity and true
professionalism, only found in the all-time greats, helped lead the Ducks to the Minnesota State Pee Wee
Championship. In my case the cruel twist of fate was not a shift in the district lines but the fact my old
team (Kicks Like Jesus) likes to add every random person they find on to the team, as a semi ridiculous
way of picking up girls, and the stoner time I had come to rely on, believing there was no way the team
would fill up in one day, failed me.

Now I am going to anticipate Kicks Like Jesus is going to go negative on their GMOT trying to pull
me down, much like the bad guys in all the Mighty Ducks movies (Ya you guys are basically Iceland and
the “varsity” team in the 2nd and 3rd movies as well as being the Hawks) but being part of KickInABox and
following the lead of the Ducks I’m going to go classy and let you all off the hook and say good luck
tonight…. Cake eaters!

Oh but after the beating you all are going to take tonight I hope you wonder “What if the district
lines were never redrawn?”

Enjoy opening the box, you won't be disappointed.


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