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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Team Easy

Somehow it feels like it’s been more than we week since we’ve played. Maybe it’s because we miss kickball nights so much. But we’re flipping stoked to go America all over your asses tonight!
Team Easy has really hit its stride the past two weeks. Between learning the difference of left and right field, flashing people at 3rd base, and throwing a shoe across the bar (honestly, who does that?). The team is shining up to its potential. We could use some more making out and groping … which we’re really going to work on tonight.

I think pictures tell our story much more eloquently than I could state them in rhetoric. So enjoy a few collages I threw together.

Look for us on Field #1 at 7:15 as we molest the Awful Waffles in ways they’ve only heard about kama sutra.

-chief man whore
Oh, and just for Chapa 
(who got thrown out not only in our game, but also in Candy Van's game for the exact same reason), I wanted send a link to my-youth-baseball.com to the basic rules of baseball that the 7-year-old tee-ballers follow and also apply to kickball:

Basic Baseball Rules - Pop-Fly Rules:

"When a pop fly is hit, any runners that begin advancing to another base before the ball is caught are out if the ball is thrown back to the baseman and the baseman tags the base with his/her foot before the runner makes it back to the base. A runner may tag up however, and then safely run to the next base. Tagging up means the runner waits on the current base until after the pop-fly ball is caught and then runs to the next base."

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