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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Get Drunk, Kick Away

Well played Red Rockets, well played. We were expecting to put up a few more runs, but to be honest we also thought that you guys would too. Chris “Mad Hands” Tavarez takes player of the game diving to make a catch after the pitcher tipped it twice before collapsing into an un-athletic mess of cleats, tank, and sadness. We’ll forget about the part where it could have been an easy force at home had either of us tipped it to the catcher who seemed to be the only person that realized we were making an easy play into a narrowly avoided error. Spirit award goes to Eric “We’re Going To Start Paying For Cabs To Get Him To The Fields” Ormsby who for a second time had too much fun at the fields to be able to parlay said fun to the bars.

In our second game of the alterative R Team Name series we play Recover Rejects. They’ve been nominated as our Arch Enemies for the simple reason that I write this for our team and I like giving Becca “Blowing Calls” Hellman shit. If anyone would like to jump on the hate train I submit to you the fact that she is a Celtics Fan.

A fan of a team who has Paul Pierce who did this

We’re goin big, then goin home anyway.

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