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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Awful Waffles

On this independence day, like many before it, the awful waffles gathered to both celebrate our team unity and remember how far we've travelled and what we've overcame to become the paragon of kickball that we are today.

We, the united waffles of America, do solemnly pledge to uphold the rules of waka and to maintain ourselves to the classiest of standards. However, before we were the UWA, the separate waffles were an entirely different entity:

Abby - jurassic waffle. Wishes every day for longer arms
Alex - waffle chef. Just slicing up kickballs
Alysia - hungry waffle. She's a man-eater
Alyssa - blue waffle. Don't google this. Seriously.
Ben - belgian waffle. Raising glasses and kicking balls high
Brittany- unicorn slayer waffle. Really really does not like unicorns.
Burnham - yoshi waffle. *hums super Mario brothers theme*
Carrie - care bear waffle. Now with extra gun accessory!
Chase- gambler waffle. It's ok, he always bets on the waffles. Yahtzee!
Cole - coal stack. We call him mr stack
Damon - he-man waffle. BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL!
Goryl - waffle with syrup. The old classic
Guenther - waffle iron man. Just your everyday waffle superhero. No big deal
John - fun loving waffle. I mean check out that moustache. That thing screams "fun"
Josh - hipster waffle. He was into kickball way before you were. He's pretty over it now.
Kacie - Mckadillac pimpin waffle. Spending g's
Laney - southern waffle. Just classy.
Sarah - octowaffle. Octopodes are incredibly intelligent and possess eight arms. Good waffle traits
Tanner - most interesting waffle. He doesn't always drink beer, but when he does, he prefers to pass out
Val - teenage mutant ninja waffle. Waffles in a half-shell. Waffle power
Yellin - quagmire waffle. Now with syrup! Giggity Giggity goo

Holy cow that's a lot of waffles!! And together we banded to form the united waffles of america! Be jealous.

We play tonight against team easy at 7. We'll have many treats for you if you stop in and say hi.

awful waffles.


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