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Thursday, July 5, 2012

D Bags

As I drove home after a disappointing loss to Relax and Let Jay Touch Us, I went over the things in my head of what went wrong. Mid thought, I heard a faint beautiful noise coming from my radio. I promptly reached for the volume knob (no steering wheel volume control, I’m old school), and had the pleasure of blaring Madonna, “Like A Prayer,” completely clearing my mind of anything happening prior that night. In what must have been a miracle, Prince, “Little Red Corvette” was the following song…. Life was good again. Good win Relax, but you know that I know that we know that y’all know…. We will be no cake walk and will ultimately be the ones knocking you out of the tournament unless you say we have to forfeit for some reason like “you’re team average height has to be under 6’4”.” We did our usual antics of not scoring (only one run) and giving up all ours in one inning (5 runs due to 3 errors). Although we played sloppy, I can’t blame the few who decided to pre-drink for our game 24 hours in advance. What is a Wednesday version of Sunday Funday? Wasted Wednesday? WTF Wednesday? When in Rome Wednesday? WWJD Wednesday? I believe Russ had a few too many the night before which led to one big red ball turning into 4 big red balls. The problem is, he tried to catch the wrong one and ended up with his first kickball induced concussion. Our team as a whole is fully recovered but knowing that the 4th of July is Wednesday, I would guess we will be in the same shape this Thursday as the last. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

For those of you who like to know the future… 1. We easily take care of our next opponent, Liver Let Die. 2. We win out regular season. 3. We forfeit playoffs



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