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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Candy Van has been called many things: drunks, hipsters, creepers, and many more, equally flattering names. I mean, a team captained by people who willingly call themselves DBAG and VAG has got to be pretty weird. Pretttyyyyy weird.
Well tonight, friends, we play our friends Relax and Let it Happen for an extra special game in honor of Jay’s birthday. I don’t know why he wanted to lose his birthday game, but hey, some people are masochists like that. 
This will be Jay when we score our first run:

And this will be VAG and DBAG when we keep scoring:

And finally, when the game comes to an end and we’ve consumed more Slime-themed beverage than any human ever should, this will be the entire Relax squad:

Get in the van and relax. Happy creepin'!

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