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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Walk of Shame

Where did we leave off? Ah, yes. Another week, another Live team maimed beyond recognition. The offense was once again clicking in only 4 innings of play with big hits by...well, everyone. This new lineup looks sharp, doesn't it? And despite the fact that we are PISSED we got scored on at all, at least it was only once unlike a certain other team to remain nameless...though if I had to give a hint at their name it would be: calmcalmdown, collect oneself, compose oneself, cool off, ease off, feel at home, hang loose, knock off, laze, letoneself go, lie down, loosen up, make oneself at home, put one's feet up, recline, reposerestsettle back,simmer down, sit around, sit back, softenstop work, take a break, take a breather, take it easy, take one'stime, take ten, take time out, tranquilize, unbend, unlax, unwind.
Anyways, we're told by a little bird at Ego's that this week we're apparently facing our immediate demise by a team that HAS TO and WILL beat us. We'll find out this week, but we're just glad we're in your heads enough for you to be worried about us 5 days in advance while getting drunk to Party in the USA at Ego's. Is there a game plan for this beat down or just going to improvise by blasting that infernal song over and over until we run off the field to protect our ears from permanent damage?

Enough of the trash talk though, we're just going to go out there and give it 110% and try our best. We've got our backs against the wall. Hannah's home field of Gillis is a tough place to play and the intangibles will be the key to the game. Both teams are playing on a high level and we'll just try and take what the defense gives us.
We've got the league's best offense against the league's best defense -- something's got to give. There's been a lot of trash talking and there's no love lost between these two teams. When these two teams get together you can throw out their records. It’s gonna be a war out there.We'll leave everything we've got on the field and stick to the fundamentals. Another sports cliche or 2.

This is the start of a critical four-game stretch for the squad with Hannah, Teabaggers, Relax and Candy Van, so I guess we'll be seeing what this team is all about soon. 

Until then,

P.S.: I'd like to publicly point out that Andre has now beat Vegas' odds and has gone OVER 2 1/2 games without yelling at one of his teammates. All of you who took the UNDER, pay up. Congrats to our fearless leader for accomplishing this momentous feat. 

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