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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

RELAX and Let it Happen

Last week we played "Better Red Than Blue Balls" and we whooped them just like everyone else. Nothing is new there. What is new is that for the first time in awhile, we faced a team that didn't fully appreciate our greatness. They don't call the trophy the RELAX CUP for nothing, guys. As they sat there getting their ass whooped, they made fun of our bunts, calling them "bitch kicks". We beat ya'll 10-0! You didn't get a person past 2nd base! If anyone was playing like a bitch, it was ya'll. If you want to continue to kick it as hard as you can each time and pop out to people, be our guests. Or just go to the other league. 

They also said we were too serious as if that's the only reason we dominated them. We dominated you because we are better athletes, understand basic strategy (bitch kicks), and are natural born winners. Go back to ASSC and play with a beach ball. This league is social AND competitive. We could also drink all of ya'll under the table, some come holler at us at 3rd base. 

What's sad is that you guys could be good. Let's call a truce. Do what the Teabaggers used to do and come watch our games. Take notes and learn how to play this game beautifully. Winning is fun. We know you haven't had a taste of it yet, but when it happens, it will be wonderful. 

Next week we play Thorzday Ballers. Hopefully we can keep our streak of not letting anyone score on us. Come watch and take notes, until then Relax and Let it Happen. 


  1. Those who can't compete simply bitch about it to make themselves feel better. Pay them no mind JG.

  2. I thought they called the trophy the Relax Cup because y'all bought it and named it after yourself.