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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Varsity Brews

Last week’s (6/16) game was a great one for Varsity Brews. We started off the game convinced we couldn’t lose on the sole basis that 0-2 just didn’t sound good. So, in the spirit of not being ‘those guys’ with a losing streak, everyone on the team definitely stepped it up. To be honest, I have no idea what the final score was, but I do know we won and I do know we had a damn good time doing it.  We pulled pretty far ahead in the first few innings.  Plan B made a valiant rally effort in the fifth inning and scored a few runs on us, but we were able to hold our lead and bring in our first win of the season and our first win under the new team name.
 We were able to pull through with such a great win because of some amazing plays by a lot of our players.  Gena “Don’t Call Me Vagina” Gentile made a bad ass catch at third.  Who says girls can’t catch?  Sam “The Hoss” Hossa made two phenomenal catches in the game.  One was a catch and roll in which he miraculously was able to hold onto the ball as he went crashing into the dirt.  And then in an even greater display of kickball heroism, he managed to pull off a Willie Mays, on-the-run over-the-shoulder catch. How did he not make Sports Center? Andre “The Giant” Fuqua stepped off his normal first base role for a few innings to try his hand at pitching.  Looks like we have a good back-up for when Raul “El Capitan” Rodriguez wants to take a break from pitching (I’ve heard him grumbling recently that he has to put down his beer too much as the pitcher.  He has a valid point.  Beer in hand is more fun than beer on the ground).  Jen “Looks Like New Girlz Got Some Skillz” Diacont made a deep right, almost out of bounds, grabbed with her finger tips catch.  And our last shout out goes to Mike “El Burro (AKA Ass)” Lusto for kicking a triple, which allowed two runners to score.  And Ricara "Soon To Be Zahner" Pearson, well girl, you got on base.  Good job.  You could have made it to second, but you were so very happy with your safe at first that you stuck to your guns and stuck like glue to the base. Next time though, if I'm base coaching you and tell you to take second and you don't...well, I'll probably pick you up, throw you over my shoulder, and take you there myself, kickball rules be damnded.  I'm little, but so are you.  Don't think I won't do it. You've been warned.
 Between the cohesion the old team members bring and the fresh talent of the new guys, Varsity Brews is looking forward to a great season.  We may not have won too much last season, but if I were placing bets on this, then, well, I had better actually pay attention to scores because I’m pretty sure you need scores to determine who wins bets. Oh, and also I would bet on us.  Because we’re awesome.
A special shout out to the opponent, Plan B.  I don’t think in my four seasons of Waka Kickball I have met a nicer team.  They were the first to congratulate anyone on a good play.  Cheers to you guys and great sportsmanship. Maybe ya’ll (with your fifth inning rally) could give some pointers to LeBron James about not “skipping” the last inning. Good game my friends, good game.

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