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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Team Easy!

I might just be speaking for myself, but it’s been a hazy week of debauchery for Team Easy.  With no kickball game to get in our way last week, we sprinted directly to Third Base for the banana game ... only to be severely disappointed to learn it wasn’t the game we originally had in mind.  After this bait-and-switch trickery, we reverted to what we knew best and set out on a pickle shot rampage down west 6th.  I’m pretty sure Lundy won a “best ass” contest and then there was a tranny show at the next bar.  Couldn’t say for sure since there was no picasa album of shame posted the next morning to remind us of all the good bad decisions we made.

Fast forward to Saturday night’s party where we made Thursday look calm.  I didn’t get back from the river in time to hit third base but from the looks of my teammates at Kung Fu, I’d guess they drank about as much as I did all day but in a 90-minute period.  We drank, we danced, J-rider almost died as I ran around the bar with her on my shoulders, and then there was an epic break-dance fight where I got totally served by some chick that I’m pretty sure was also a ninja.  The night culminated in run a 3am group sprint through the sprinklers of a city park on the way home and we declared the night a vivid success.

We’re looking forward to this week as we break out some tunes and probably die of heatstroke in our 6:15 game.

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