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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Better Red than Blue Balls

Well, that was fast. Only three weeks into our first-ever season, and
with our first GMOT submission, we managed to get the word "rape" and
all references to the act banned from the Austin WAKA blog. Talk about
making waves. Nice, consensual waves. Definitely no funny business.

Possibly our greatest accomplishment thus far, however, is becoming
rivals to the self-admitted villains of the league, Relax and Let it

If Relax are the villains of the league, that must make us… The
Batman. And as long as we don’t leave any Ambien lying around, it
should hopefully make a very lively rivalry. (Too soon?) But only on
the field, at Third Base, we'll be the Gyllenhaal to their Ledger.

And while we may be rocking a goose egg in the wins column, it hasn’t
been for lack of effort… or defense. Offense? Yeah, not so good. One
run in the last game (in an 8-person overtime, no-less) and multiple
stranded runners left on base? We might have a scoring problem.

Hopefully we’ll be able to take some of our frustration out on the
not-even-mentioned-in-the-power-polls Sons of Pitches this week. If
not, we might have to change up our current, grueling, routine of
chugging beers and taking Jell-O shots.


  1. 1. The first blog comments were hilarious I would call that a great success (said like Borat)
    2. Batman may be a bit of a stretch I'm trying to think of a lesser super hero or sidekick that would lose 23-2, but with little success. (maybe Snarf from the thundercats)
    3. Not to beat a dead horse, but if you would play some of the short game or bitch bunts... it might help out that win column.
    4. Please don't judge me on my grammer here I wasn't an English major.
    5. Don't change up the routine at all. No need to not chug beers and take shots at all!

  2. Dear WAKA veterans,

    Dudeeee, I've heard that Relax has new rivals this season, Better Red than Blue Balls. Although, this is their first season and nobody knows who they are, they without a doubt have made a great impression and have earned much respect with their HILARIOUS gmot entries. Here is to BRTBB being the most relevant team in WAKA.


    The guy at a bar who tells all of his friends he is hooking up tonight because he thought he could have possibly seen a girl look his way