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Friday, June 10, 2011

Walk of Shame

Is Walk of Shame back and stronger than ever? Was that Relax and Teabaggers we heard shaking in their little boots last night? Appears so.

UKP (maybe the name change will help?) predicted something was going down last week, and it did...a near perfect game. Slob's first inning run was all that was needed to seal the victory, but Jorge's 2-run triple capped off the W. Even Dre got in on the act with his first career RPS win in 3,482 tries, but then quickly reverted to old form with a first inning error that allowed the one and only UKP baserunner all game (and later threw up after chugging a beer). Shame.

With the new additions to the squad (Welcome to the team Casey, Rich, Sean and Matt), does it even matter who the competition is Week 2? Can they get on base? Can anyone? 

Apologies in advance to Live for being innocent bystanders in the Walks rampage, but this team has something to prove.

Vegas titles on our minds,
Walk of Shame

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