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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Walk of Shame

SLOPPY, SLOPPY, SLOPPY. With a new defensive alignment, the Walks slipped up a bit, but as always, remained victorious. Huge hits by Bruce and Jorge brought home the winning runs, despite a valiant challenge from whatever Live team that was trying to threaten the crown. Also serious question to the dude that kicked it to the other field, HOW DID YOU NOT GET A HOME RUN FROM THAT??? I mean...really? Just goes to show that even with your "A" game and our "D" game, we still cannot be defeated (got that Luis?). 

This week, another Live team, another W. Same old story. This one will likely be a shutout though. Don't get excited by the fact we got scored on last week, it won't be a recurring theme. 

Anyways, we'll keep this short and let our undefeated record do the talking. 

Until then,


  1. The hypocrisy of talking shit about Live when you play IN LIVE is stunning. Maybe if you weren't sandbagging to qualify people for Vegas you could play some quality teams. Like us. Oh wait. Crap.