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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Varsity Brews

 Varsity Brews is officially on a winning streak.  I finally know what Charlie Sheen was talking about with all of his 'winning' ramblings.  And dang does it feel good.  MVP definitely goes to Andre the Giant for not one, but two home runs.  I'm pretty sure he finally manned up and kicked those so that his lady, the lovely Miss Gena, could finally make it to home base.  Insert winking face here. Congratulations Gena on finally going all the way home. Isn't home base a lot more fun than that above-the-belt second base nonsense?  I know Andre enjoyed making it to home base.  I've never seen the man so happy. 
We pulled ahead in the first few innings by quite a bit courtesy of those two home runs, and some other players aggressive base running, but again in our ecstasy at almost being on a winning streak, we faltered in the fifth inning.  Pitches B Trippin staged a rally and scored a few runs on us.  However, Raul "El Suave" caught a deep center kick to end the fifth inning and cement our winning streak.  
Most importantly, I want to invite everyone in the WAKA world to a Wakalicious Bachelor/Bachelorette party that we will be holding next week (July 7th) on field 2 at 6:15.  I know the 6:15 game kind of blows, but come early anyway, come decorated with as much penis/boob decorations as you can round up, and help us send Chris and Ricara off to married life in true Waka fashion. This will be their last kickball game as single people. I'm not saying anyone out there should come on over and strip for them, but I am saying dollar bills may be present.  And of course the bachelor/bachelorette festivities will be moved to the bar with us afterwards.  Off in Left Field, I apologize ahead of time for the copious amounts of shenanigans you will be dealing with that evening.

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