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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hannah Montana

Surprise, surprise - Hannah is back for its eighth millionth season. We kicked it off with a 5-0 blow out the first week against (I believe) the same team we lost to last year in the playoffs, but.... let's be real... Hannah doesn't win playoff games - we only win when it doesn't count. Or in last week's case tie 1-1, which could have been a direct result of Morgan's miracle juice that had our entire teamed fucked up. Thanks Morgan. Awesome.

And a huge welcome to the new ladies on the team. Hannah officially has more chicks than dicks. But with a team name that reflects a slutty ho bag, it all makes sense. And, oh yea .. welcome, Kevin - the only new dude. Did you know you ordered a small shirt? Ohh.. that was intentional. Got it.


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