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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Team Easy!

In only 2 weeks we’ve accomplished so much, and I couldn’t be more proud of our flock of floosies.  In my first email to Team Easy, I welcomed everyone to the team that would forever be known as *that* team of the summer.  They sure did take that to heart and earned the cherished “Weiner of the Week” award the first week without me even around to help out.  So proud.  Then week 2 I show up to a 22-person team, 15 designated drunk fans (or DDs if you will), and pink panty-dropping punch that was apparently fermented overnight in god-knows-what.  Add in most of Candy Van hanging around and we had a full-on dance party out there.  

By the time we got to Third Base, there was light-pole dancing, bull-fighting, and what appeared to be a fully-clothed beaver munching.  I know this only because there was an album of not-going-on-facebook pictures that went out the next morning.  You know those type of pictures.  The type of internet gold that usually ends up on the “resident president” page calling you out for making out with the random at Egos.  And I’ll have you know Manda that I justified my matador/grease/white-trash/'wrestling' outfit by the fact that I did indeed wrestle a woman in the fountain of my apartment at 3am that night (no, it wasn’t the Egos random).  But I digress.  

The point is, I think in only 2 weeks we’ve made one hell of a dent in our livers and have no plans on slowing down.  We have a bi this week so we’ll all be switch hitting at Third Base without that pesky game of kickball getting in the way of our drinking.  Enjoy your one week of peace on the fields because we’re doubling down next week!

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