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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Walk of Shame

Candy Van, are you ever going to learn that Walk of Shame will always be your superior? No? Okay, there's more where that came from. =)
This week we found the perfect person to portray how things happened out there with Candy Van last week. We would like to introduce you to Caine from the movie Menace to Society. Caine is a good person, but he has a mean streak. If you step to him the wrong way, bad things usually happen to you. And that is exactly how it is with Walk of Shame. We're a peaceful bunch, but don't cross us by putting mean compromising photos in the GMOT and/or photoshopping unicorns and rainbows on their gorgeous captains head. Things can happen if you violate like that... And that's exactly what happened in this clip. Some guy trying to stick up for his female cousin who Caine sexed up, got pregnant, and then promptly dumped obviously didn't realize what would be in store for him. This goes for anyone in this league. All of you can get it. If you listen closely as Caine stomps this jerk out for confronting him, he tells him "he ain't no punk". Neither are we, Candy Van, neither are we.... Thanks for the inspiration Caine (And O-Dog, who gives one last shot at the end). RIP
[Headphones: NSFW Language/Kid Getting Stomped]

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