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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Big League Chew

All I heard all week was how great the Teabaggers were, and how they were gonna score SOOO many runs. In fact, after winning the coin toss and choosing to be home, BLC listened to the other side talk about how excited they were to get an extra at bat in the game! Too bad we shut them out through 3 innings. I will admit the Teabaggers are fast/fun/and in this case better, eventually breaking out of their slump to beat us 6-0... so maybe I shouldn't be talking trash... but BLC took some big steps, and the newbies played great! Oh, and a special thanks to Kicks Like Jesus! I can't imagine that when an umpire and the entire roster of one team asks you to slide over (so you don't interfere) that you would just ignore it. Especially after clearly preventing our first baseman from making a catch a second earlier. This can only mean that you are too slow to coordinate something so complicated. I realize moving 10 feet is difficult, even for the smartest 5 year old, but maybe next time your collective brain mass can get it done. Or maybe not.

Thanks again Teabaggers for being awesome. Good luck this season.

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