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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Team Easy!

Week 1 came and so did the vast majority of our team … whilst jammin' Carly Rae on repeat we rocked the PPD in our family friendly pink sippy cups. We seem to have an especially thirsty crew this season because that 5 gallons went quickly and before we knew it, we were doing scissor sessions at Third Base, making out in back seats of cars, singing horrible karaoke, and spinning relentlessly Ego’s chairs. It was a fantastic start to the season but week 2 won’t see most of us Easies on the field as we’re making bye-week a bi-week at the bar. Never fear though, our big brother team, Candy Van, will be mad reppin' the pink tonight at 6:15, blastin' more Carly Rae and, rumor has it, getting Lei’d !

Oh and here’s to hoping we get to play some bar games tonight!!

-chief man whore

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