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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Walk of Shame

Listen, Upper Deckers, we're sorry. We didn't want it to be that way. You didn't deserve that. Truth is, you should be in Live, but the powers that be won't allow for it to happen. Instead, you had to go to WAKA's version of Federal Pound Me In the Ass Prison and that was a date with Walk of Shame. Remember last week when we showed you guys Officer Harris from Training Day? He said it best. "I'm winnin' any muthafuckin' way. I can't lose. You can shoot me, but you can't kill me." And THAT, my hideous orange shirt friends, is what you need to tap into. While it wasn't pretty on the field, the ladies on your team were top notch. Not in kickball, but in life. And no matter how much you lose by on the field, you'll still be winning in the end. You still won.
As for you Candy Van.... This week, we are going to let our boy Johnny Tapia from Bad Boys 2 (not as good as the first) explain to you our thoughts about you. In this scene, Johnny Tapia kills one of his henchmen because he let Detectives Lowrey and Burnett into Tapia's home posing at exterminators for a rat problem, only for Lowrey and Burnett to expose themselves as cops. He kills his henchman, lies to his own mother and says the henchman shot himself and even tells his mother that he will send his fallen henchman's mother flowers. He's ruthless. Just like the Walks. Endangering Vegas is like endangering Tapia's money. And clearly you dont wanna do that.... Thanks for the inspiration Johnny. RIP.

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