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Thursday, June 21, 2012


What's that smell?!? It's so sweet and delicious. Oh I know...it's REDEMPTION!!!

Feeling delightfully rested after a bye in week one, we were absolutely positively tickled pink to be playing our new arch nemesis...That Kick Cray. They were jolly good sports about knocking us out in the last round of playoffs, only to lose the championship to the always syrupy sweet Awful Waffles.

In a grand gesture, we decided we'd help them relive the pain of losing. So with the return of Kelly"I got this" Ho and Bruce "Surprise guys" Pomerleau, parachuting in minutes before the game, we were prepared to bring the unstoppable hurt. It also helped that the uber tall fellow with the abnormally large cranium couldn't bunt and their catcher held on to the ball like a well greased pig. While they tried their best, in the end, we were victorious!!!

This week we face a new adversary, Get Drunk, Kick Away...what an intricate name...so much depth...really makes you think...what is the meaning of life?

The captain of this dear team has offered a gentleman's wager - winning captain buys the losing captain a shot. Well sir, I inversely acccept your wager. I would appreciate my shot waiting for me when I arrive at Third Base.

To all young chaps that dare to challenge the greatness that is KickInABox I do declare, enjoy opening the box, you won't be disappointed.


P.S. Bruce seemed right at home last week. In fact, I think I overheard him say, "Walks who?" Sorry Dre, looks like your boy's got a new team and they've got a reputation...of winning. 

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