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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Big League Chew

Kicks Like Jesus: We liked your post, we laughed, and we thought, "Hey, this is gonna turn into a great rivalry!" Then we realized that you don't play in Capital, and we won't get to play you this year :(. Oh well, I think everybody gets a trophy in Live, so at least you have that, right? (Just for the record, I love Live. I play on a team in Live. I just will not start a rivalry with a Live team. But if you join capital I'll waste more GMOT time on you!).

Hannah Montana, you beat us badly. And we'll read up on the rule book (like you did for your post) to make sure we don't get bummed out when we get screwed out of a run. That being said, we realized what the rule said, we just think its stupid. But we still have WAKA Love!

Tang Punch is back tonight, and I can't wait.


Big League Chew

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