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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


After a couple weeks of quiet observation in a corner, we decided to check out what all of this GMOT business was. Then, we finally sat down and looked.

How could we have been missing this? How did we not know about this? Oh yeah, thats right. It's our first season and we don't even know everyone's name who is on the team. THAT'S how.

So for all of you haters out there who have been talking about how you destroyed us and shut us out, great job. You did it. You beat a team that's never played before. Way to go.

But now? You're all in big BIG trouble. Because now we know names. Now we know positions. And let's be real: now we know the rules. I don't want to brag too much like a pubescent 14 year old boy, but last week, we got to third base. We have our shirts, we have our spankin' new kicks, and we are coming for you. So, Kicks like Jesus, I sincerely hope you do.

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  1. Well done, keep the gifs coming. The star trek one made me laugh, not too hard but a decent chuckle